David Angelo Ciancaglini

David Angelo Ciancaglini is a contemporary composer, teacher, bassoonist, saxophonist, oboist,
larinetist and contrabassoonist in Rochester, NY, USA and the surrounding areas. Mr. Ciancaglini is
now an alumnus of George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) where he studied Contrabassoon
(Bassoon) and composition. Under the batons of Anthony J. Maiello and John E. Casagrande, Mr.
Ciancaglini has performed in George Mason University's Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, Pit
Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and Chamber Orchestra playing Contrabassoon and Bassoon. He was
also the Contrabassoonist for the NoVA Manassas Symphony Orchestra (Manassas, VA) and the
American University (Washington D.C.) under the direction of Shizuo Kuwahara. He has had the
honor of performing at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, the National Cathedral of Washington,
DC, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Carnegie Hall in New York City.

hile a student at George Mason University, Mr. Ciancaglini  studied bassoon and contrabassoon
with Truman Harris of the National Symphony Orchestra (Washington D.C.), Fraser Jackson of the
Toronto Symphony Orchestra (Canada) and with Douglas Kehlenbrink of George Mason University.
ost prestigiously, he was a composition student of Steve Antosca, director of Washington DC's
Contemporary Music Forum
of Washington, D.C. Recently.

As a composer, Mr. Ciancaglini has composed over eighty pieces, most of which are self published
and for sale right from this website. H
e loves to explore the timbre properties of each instrument or
voice he is composing for, always trying to get the most colors out of limited color pallet. He is quite
fond of a peculiar septet that consists of oboe, alto clarinet, bassoon, marimba, percussion, piano and
double bass. He is passionate about the symphony orchestra and dedicated to the art of orchestreation.

He is also a volunteer firefighter, serving the Hydrant Hose Company of the City of Geneva (New
York) Fire Department. A Truly dedicated man, he responded to 325 emergency calls in 2008, and
was fireman of the year of 2008.

Currently, Mr. Ciancaglini enjoys
substitute teaching kindergarten, and is a member of the
International Double Reed Society and the American Composers Forum. With his wife Jessica, they
currently reside in Geneva, New York, where he is continuously composing, performing as a
saxophonist with NAIAD and furthering his education in orchestration.

Mr. Ciancaglini is the son of a Hammond B3 player and is proud of it