I am often available to offer my skills as a composer, arranger or orchestrator.
I have worked as an orchestrator for singers, poets and as a copyist for other
composers who are just too busy, or are not comfortable with Finale.
These services are not cheap, I am sorry to say, but if you want something
done the way you want it and in a timely matter, you'll be lucky if you can find a
professional composer to do such services.
Listed below are the most common services that I perform. Due to the nature of
the work involved, most of my prices are done through direct negotiation as
every project that I have come across is so different. I have however given a
general price range for common projects. Canadian Prices are in parenthesis.

Copyist / Engraver
$30 per part + $20 per extra hour each part takes - prices are negotiable

What does a Copyist / Engraver do?
As a copyist my job is to simply take your ideas, plug them into Finale and print
off the score and parts for you. Normally you, the composer hands me rough
drafts (can be hand written or computer generated) and I take care of them. A
Copyist is not an arranger, or orchestrator. If you hire me as a Copyist, then ask
me to orchestrate, you will be charged an orchestration fee of $100.00, on top of
a $50.00 and hour salary for orchestrating, on top of the standard copyist fee,
and by law, I must be credited on the copyright as an orchestrator and am then
awarded part ownership of the piece and must be compensated in the form of

*A note about pricing of parts*
Lets pretend that you hire me to engrave a hand written score for string quartet.
4 parts at $30 per part comes to $120
Now say the piece is a bit long and it takes me 4 hours to complete the 2nd
Violin part.
That would be priced as follows.
$30 for that first hour and $20 for each additional hour, totalling $90.
If all the parts took me that long (4 hours each), your total for the string quartet
would be $340 - for 16 hours of work.
For long projects, we will negotiate a salary

See some examples of engraving work that I have done for
Imagine Music Publishing

Jazz Combo $200 up to 6 parts, $10 for every part extra

Pop Tune
$50 ($60) For a standard length pop tune (3 - 6 minutes)

Full Size Big Band - Negotiated

What does and Arranger do?
Very few people seem to know or even care about the differences between and
Orchestrator and an Arranger. Basically an Arranger has less creative
involvement than an Orchestrator. A composer gives his song idea to the
Arranger, tells the arranger what he wants each player to basically do, and he
tells the arranger what the overall orchestration needs to sound like. The
Arranger then takes these directions and creates the score, complete with
transpositions. By law the Arranger must be credited in the copyright and is
usually compensated with dividends from royalties, but this is negotiable.

All Projects involving a Orchestrator are completely negotiated in every aspect
from pay to creative license.

What does an Orchestrator do?
An Orchestrator is the composer's right and left arm. An Orchestrator works
directly with the composer throughout the entire realization of the piece. The
biggest difference between and Arranger and Orchestrator is that an Arranger is
told what to do, an Orchestrator decides what to do. In other words, the
composer will come up with a melody and have an Orchestrator decide what is
the best instrument and voicing to use. An Arranger is told what instrument gets
the melody, although an Arranger would decide on voicing if an orchestration
problem arises that the composer can not solve. Generally the composer and
Orchestrator act as equal partners and often, but not always become equal
owners of the copyright. Rogers and Hammerstein II are the quintessential
example of a Composer / Orchestrator relationship, see also Howard Ashman /
Alan Menken or Sir Elton John / Tim Rice as other examples.

Of course any composer will gladly score an original work for you. Typically,
most people only commission a composer for major events such as
Presidential Inaugurations, Ascensions to the Throne and that sort. However I
would be honored to compose your wedding music, general celebratory music,
or if you just and plain ordinary guy who wants a Symphony composed for your

Prices are negotiated for each individual project, as no two will be alike.

So..... How does it work?
First, you must contact me. Then I'd prefer if we got a chance to meet in
person. it is my belief that If I know and have a real friendship with a client, the
happier that client will be with the outcome. The better I know you, the more I
can tailor your piece to your personality and for your occasion. Then you
describe to me what you want the music to sound like. How long you need it to
be, and what musicians will be performing it. Then I go to work.

A note to doting brides, I understand the need for the perfect music for the
biggest day of your life, and you will get just that, the perfect music. Just bear
in mind that composing music is very time consuming. A piece could easily take
months to complete depending on what your specifications are. So please plan
accordingly and give me ample time to do the job well.

Feel free to contact me about anything!
My email is
Composer for Hire