The Images below are taken from Vis - A - Vis, a piano duet. Imagine Music
Publishing of Medina, New York contracted me to take a hand written score
and copy it into Finale. This piece, although at times trying, it was great fun.
As you can see on page 17 down here, Vis - A - Vis has some
aleatoric moments, which almost always requires  hand creating
notation using Finale's drawing program
This here on page 28 was too much fun!
I was offered the Vis - A - Vis job by Ric Jones of Imagine Music
on Thursday, September 11th 2008. Mind you, Vis - A - Vis was a
hand written piece of music. I must admit, the composers' notation
was well executed. It was also 32 pages long. I finished and
submitted Vis - A - Vis on Monday, September 15th 2008. I was
able to reduce the number of pages to 28 as well. I admit I
probably spent over 24 hours working on it over 4 days, but that is
the type of dedication that you would get from me, if you hired
David Angelo Ciancaglini to work for you, be it engraving hand
written music, creating your parts for your orchestral music, or
whatever it is you would like done. Keep in mind I am a Finale
man, and I am still using 2004, and will probably upgrade soon

e-mail them to me