David & Jessica Ciancaglini enjoy giving others the gift
of mastery of music. This page contains all the pertinent
information regarding music lessons as well as a few other
services such as double reed cases made by Jessica
Studies offered by David
- Bassoon, all levels
- Contrabassoon, all levels
- Saxophone, all levels
- Oboe, begining and intermediate levels
- English Horn, begining and intermediate levels
- composition & orchestration - Open only to    
                              qualified musicians with a  
                               substantial backround in   
                                music theory
- Finale tutorials
Studies offered by Jessica
- Bassoon, all levels
- Clarinet, beginning and intermediate levels
- Music Theory for High School students
Studio Policy
Jessica Kaitlyn Ciancaglini
Studio Policy
David Angelo Ciancaglini

I expect that you will show to your lesson at least 5
minutes early, prepared and ready to work. You must
bring all the materials required to meet the goals of the

You can expect that I will be fully prepared for your
lesson, you will also get more than your money's worth
with each lesson. You can expect that I will be fair and
treat you as an individual with a life outside of music.
You need to expect the unexpected and I often give away
free stuff

You are required to practice for at least 3 total hours in
order to get the most out of each lesson. I will do my best
to make each lesson interesting, fun and thorough. I will
ask you to do the same. Feel free to cancel a lesson when
you need to, just make sure I know in advance, so that I
can plan accordingly. I am more than happy to schedule
makeup lessons as well. We will set up a regular
schedule of lessons that is flexible for the both of us.
Lessons will often end late unless there is another
scheduled lesson right after yours.

You are expected to pay me in full for lessons. You my
pay me at any time during a lesson. You may prepay for
as many lessons as you would like, however, I will not
refund you If you prepay for seven lessons and quit on the
fifth lesson, you will not be refunded. I will refund
prepaid lessons if you die, become physically impaired,
or move away. I accept personal checks, bank checks,
money orders, US currency and Canadian currency. I will
also accept Canadian checks if you add six Canadian
dollars to the check for bank fees.

Price Index:

Half Hour Lesson $25US $20Canadian
1 Hour Lesson $35US $35Canadian
1 and 1/2 Hour Lesson $40US $50Canadian
2 Hour Lesson $60US $70Canadian
Bassoon Reeds $7US $7Canadian
Contrabassoon Reeds $15US $15Canadian

There may be other charges for Lesson materials as
needed, we will discuss these in person.

This Studio Policy is always subject to change. You have
the right to terminate lessons at any time for any reason, I
have the right to terminate lessons at any time.

The following are prohibited during lessons:
Smoking, Using Illegal drugs.

You may use foul language, tell dirty jokes, feel free to
speak your mind and express yourself, I hold no
prejudices against anybody and I hold no grudges. You
may come to lessons in pajamas if you want, I don't
particularly care how you dress as long as you are
dressed, please be courteous and cooperative. Above all
conduct yourself in a friendly and professional manner.

I charge a $15 mileage fee for the following
communities. Watkins Glen, Dundee, Honeyoye, Livonia,
Bloomfield, Manchester, Victor, Farmington, Clyde,
Sodus, Palmyra, Macedon. Monroe County, Chemung
County, and Tompkins County. One hour lessons only.
Jessica makes wonderful reed cases for Oboe,
English Horn, Bassoon and Contrabassoon.
Prices range from 7.00 US to 18.00 US or 10.00
Can. to 20.00 Can. Email either David or Jessica
for more information
Jessica Kaitlyn Ciancaglini
Jessica Kaitlyn Ciancaglini is a freelance musician and private
music teacher in New York's Finger Lakes. Now an alumnus of
George Mason Univeristy (Fairfax, VA) where Mrs. Ciancaglini
studied music education, arts management. She was awarded a
Bachelor's of Arts degree with a major in music and minor in
arts management. Mrs. Ciancaglini was a Bassoonist at Mason
and studied with Douglas E. Kehlenbrink, Bassoon professor of
GMU and Chairman of Arts at Episcopal High School in
Alexandria, VA. She has also studied bassoon under Stephen T.
Robertson, bassoon graduate of GMU.

Mrs. Ciancaglini rose through the ranks quickly and was
awarded the principal position in the George Mason University
Symphony Orchestra in her senior year. She was previously
principal Bassoonist in the Wind Symhpny and also held posts
in GMU's Chamber Winds. She also performs with the
Northern Virginia Collegiate Band, McLean Theatre Alliance,
and the Fredericksburg Community Concert Band

Mrs. Ciancaglini has also served as Steve Antosca's intern art
manager for the Contemporary Music Forum in Washington,

Mrs. Ciancaglini resides with her husband in Geneva, New York
Lessons and other services

You must come to every lesson prepared to learn and
have FUN. I expect you to bring all of your materials to
every lesson. Please arrive EARLY! If you are late
without a good reason, your lesson will end at the
appropriate time from when your lesson was supposed  to

I suggest you practice at least three hours a week. As long
as you are prepared for your lessons, I will not ask for a
practice log.

Lessons and Cancellations:
I will do everything in my power to make learning a lot of
fun! I will stop and explain anything you need clarified.
PLEASE ask questions. If you don’t understand
something, do not say you do. I don’t mind explaining
things one hundred times! Every lesson will have its own

If you need to cancel a lesson, please call me twenty-four
hours in advance.  I will do everything in my power to
reschedule your lesson for that same week. If you do not
call me within the twenty-four hours or you do not show
up for your lesson, full payment for my time is expected.

Things you must bring to every lesson are: a good
attitude, your bassoon, music, and reeds. I require every
student to buy the Weissenborn: Method for Bassoon
(please note this is different from Practical Method for

I charge $20 for half of an hour and $35 for an hour.
Reeds are $12 for my students (much cheaper than a
store). I also make special reed cases and these
prices vary by size and complexity.