The Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic
Opus 99, Girl Child's Imagination Rhapsody has taken second place in the Washington
Metropolitan Philharmonic's annual composition contest.

The Washington Philharmonic is one segment of the Washington Philharmonic
Association. They are based in Alexandria, Virginia. They perform at many venues
across the Washington, DC metro area.  See their website
for more information.

irl Child's Imagination Rhapsody received it's world premier on Sunday, February 13th,
2011 and a repeat performance on Sunday, the 20th. Girl Child was met with great
ovation from the audiences at both performances. At both concerts, Mr. Ciancaglini
participated in a pre-concert lecture featuring the two other finalists, which he described
as a great time had by all.

Mr. Ciancaglini is truly honored to have been a part of the Washington Metropolitan
Philharmonic's annual composition contest. He says the orchestra's skill and depth place
them at the apex of their orchestral peers. He is looking forward to next year's contest.

IDRS Oklahoma
Cherry Blossom Overture is getting a performance at the International Double Reed
Society's annual conference. This year the conference is being hosted by the University
of Oklahoma in June. Performing on the English Horn is Heidi Husemann DeWally. More
information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

David  Angelo Ciancaglini
Is looking to do some engraving / copying work. He has recently completed a job for
Imagine Music Publishing. For more details on what Mr. Ciancaglini can do for you,
As of 27 March 2011 DAVID ANGELO CIANCAGLINI has . . .

finished . . .

Girl Child's Imagination Rhapsody - For Symphony Orchestra
Apple Blossom Overture   - For Clarinet in b flat & Piano
November & December - For Wind Quintet
The Bells of Saint Francis De Sales - For Symphony Orchestra
Oratorio No. 1 - At last it is finished! For Symphony Orchestra, Hammond B3 (or
Pipe Organ), Choir & speaking parts
Rapsodia Seneca - For advanced middle school / intermediate high school Band

is working on . . .

Something for the symphony orchestra

Something for flute and piano.
. . . Still.

Midnight Mass -
 The music is fully realised, mostly working on minor details,
such as layout and timing of spoken lines juxtaposed to music and a cappella

A new set of short stories. This will be a project, similar to opus 62 -
Tiny Little
Delectables That I Keep In My Kitchen Cabinet.
I will set similar parameters to
"Delectables," but this time each movement will be longer, as instead of
musically describing a small item, I will try to musically tell the audience several
short stories. The best part (from my point of view) is that I have created each
short story. I think this will allow each listener to create their own version of my
stories -
Ciancaglini is going to begin releasing the short stories individually. He
is still working on some of them but he feels the time is right to begin sending
them out. Once they are all completed, they will be available in individual and
complete sets.

is thinking about . . .

If anybody out there knows where I can sheet music of the various themes used
by The Three Stooges, please email me at
Photographs from the Washington Metropolitan
Philharmonic Composition Contest performance -
February 13th, 2011 - Washington, DC
Ciancaglini with Steve Antosca - his
composition professor from their days
at George Mason University. For more
on Professor Antosca visit him at
Ciancaglini greeting Ul James,
conductor of the Washington
Metropolitan Philharmonic
Mr. & Mrs. Ciancaglini,
after the performance
All photographs by Douglas A. Cherry
of Spotsylvania, VA